Answer to worms…

(Momma is letting me write this myself today!)

Worm (Thanks Wikipedia!)

Trivia Question! How do you know which side of a worm is the head ?

Tickle it and See wich side lafs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Reley seeeeeeee the bump on the worm piktcher ? That is the tale, did you know that?


SOooooo, the batom side wood lafe on the worm in the pikcther. “he he he he!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who did that ?”

3 thoughts on “Answer to worms…”

  1. You should read the book “How to eat fried worms” Thomas Rockwell, Yummy!

  2. That is funny. I never knew which end was the head. Next time you are here, you can tickle one for me. I want to see it laugh.


  3. Great job typing! We have an anatomy of a worm poster that I bet you’d be interested in…Have a great day!
    Love-Aunt Kristi

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