13 thoughts on “Fresh cookie”

  1. YUM! That was one good cookie! And it was SOOOOOO BIG! WOW! And tasty! Cowboy cookies are my favorite!

  2. Since I have to cook my own food now in my apartment, I think that you and your family need to come over and bring over dinner. Indian dishes would be appreciated! I go to a house every Sunday for lunch and the lady the who makes food is Indian…she is a great cook!

  3. Grandpa’s don’t count, Uncles get M & M’s and cookies I Grandpa’s get nothing. Your not fair Mark……..

  4. Grandpa is only saying that the cookies go to a dentist, after the pain he causes my grandkids, but stopping to think about that it’s getting even,,,,,,,,,if I didn’t complain, you wouldn’t know I cared. Someone on TV was known for saying “give me cookies, more cookies” guess I’ve taken his place seeing you don’t have a TV

    The Papa

  5. ah, Yum, yum, yumm, yummm! Cookies fly all over the place!

    The dentist did not cause any pain! He put sleepy juice on her tooth. It did not hurt at all!

  6. Yum yum yum yum. The Cookie Monster! I want the cookies, lots of cookies if you say cookies.

    (My favorite kind is chocolate chip….)

  7. Uncle Sam said maybe he would put a flower in my teeth, maybe no, but he wanted to pull it out because it had a cavity and it hurted. It did not hurt at all when he pulled it out. Uncle Sam put it in a special thing so I can keep it for the Tooth Fairy to come and get it.

    I ate lots of cookies and forgot to brush my teeth. ): That’s why I have a cavity. I am going to brush my teeth now.

    (My favorite cookie is strawberry cream. Like Cowboy cookies with cream on the top and the bottom. The strawberry comes with the whipped cream on the top and the bottom. They are cold so they can freeze like snow!)

  8. But Mark, sleepy juice is the pain. I love Uncle Sam to, but he wants you to make the cookies so you’ll eat them, he’ll give his away to others so their teeth get bad to, then he will have more patients, make more money, move out of Oma’s place, get married and have a bunch of kids. All I want is a cookie to go with my milk and know my grandkids love me enough to make them for me….and even if they don’t make them for me, I love them all anyway………

  9. Note about last statement, I love my grandkids anyway, oh heck, I even love the cookies anyway

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