Nature Explorer Camp!

Nature Explorer Campers!

I have been at Nature Explorer Day Camp. At camp I knew Andrea, Lucas, Miss Krista and David.

We went on a hike and we saw lots of real, but dead animals. They were lots of stuffed animals at the ranger station, but they put them out in the woods. I will tell you the ones I remember. They had a skunk, a bear, two different kinds of owls, a coyote (I think) and someone saw a real deer.Our kites really fly!

The next day we went tromping through the swamp. We caught critters, especially snails. I got to hold a snake on swamp tromp day. Miss Krista held a leech!

Today we went went up a tower, took a walk, made kites and played hide and seek. I held a bunny. When Adrian saw the bunny he wanted to hold it, but he said “NO!” at the last second. Momma and Audrey and Adrian were in class for awhile because they got caught in a downpour.Bunny and Mark

Lucas held a turkey!


Audrey and bunny

We roasted hot dogs and marshmallows; we roasted potato chips (they roasted slowly), Doritos and carrots. Today, the weird thing that happened was it rained.

We did lots of things the other days too, but I can’t remember them all. I had lots of fun!

Momma, Audrey and Adrian went on a walk and saw beavers and a crawfish! Beaver



4 thoughts on “Nature Explorer Camp!”

  1. sweet! Isn’t God amazing that he created all those incredible animals.

  2. Hello Handsome boy;

    I am glad you enjoyed camp this week. I enjoyed watching and listening to you tell about it. I am really glad you only got a little bit of rain during camp and the hard rain waited until you were finished with camp.

    I am excited to see how much you enjoy interacting with other children and with God’s creation!

    I love to watch your imagination at work, like with a three foot long paper tube!

    I love you! Keep enjoying your summer!

  3. Why do you get to have all the fun? Do they have a program for grandmas and grandpas?

    Are the bottom three picture all of the same animal? I do not see the typical flat tail of a beaver in the middle photo. It looks like it might be a muskrat to me. Google ‘muskrat’ and see if they look the same, then google ‘beaver’ to see the flat tail. Otherwise they look the same. Maybe the beaver has bigger front teeth!

  4. If they have rat tails and teeth over their lips, it means they are muskrats. Beavers have flat tails. Beavers are bigger.

    We were wrong. We saw muskrats!

    Opa knew what they were, he was right. He’s pretty smart cause he knows.

    We liked watching them go places. One of them went to build his home. The babies were tinier. The big one I saw but Momma didn’t. A little bit later I pointed to it and showed it to Momma.

    The babies one can’t build their own homes until they are bigger. They have to learn. Mommas teach them!

    Really, rat tails mean they are muskrats. Come see them with us!

    I love you Mark!

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