The Hobbit

The Hobbit was very good. I did not quite like it from the beginning because it was slow. Then it got fun, then it got slow again and it kept doing that. I kept reading because I wanted to read the Battle of the Five Armies in it.

The elves, dwarfs, the Lake People, and a Hobbit were the good guys. They were fighting bad wolves, bats and (I think) Ogres.

The funniest part of the story was wolves + pinecones + Gandolf (the magician) = fireworks!

The story is about Thorin (one of the dwarfs) being one of the kings under the mountains going to kill the dragon, Smug to get his kingdom back. He died. Bilbo (the Hobbit) went back home with Gandolf. The rest of the dwarfs stayed (minus two who died too).

Gullom (I don’t know what he is because I am so confused!) has a ring that makes people disappear. Bilbo finds it laying on the ground when he is in the cave where Gullom is.

The ring helps Bilbo sneak past a lot of people. It helps fight in a war with his knife he calls Sting. I think it is a good ring.

I would recommend the story, but it does get a little slow. I won’t tell you all the fun things, so that you can read it!

I think I will read it again… when I get older.

Right now I am reading The Legend of Anne Murphy. It is a lot easier to read!

3 thoughts on “The Hobbit”

  1. Hi Mark. Daddy and I read The Hobbit out loud a few years ago. The part I remember most are the spiders and Bilbo rescuing the dwarfs from the webs.

    I also thought the riddle game that Bilbo played with Gullum interesting.

    Here are two riddles for you:

    What vehicle is spelled the same frontwards and backwards?

    What 11 letter word does everyone pronounce incorrectly?

    Have fun guessing!

  2. Good job reading that book. It is tough for even me.

    As for Momma’s riddles, I got the second one but it was not “correct” and then the first one, she pulled a fast one on me.

  3. Did you know that the story of the Hobbit was written by a South African and supposed to have taken place in South Africa, and the film was filmed in New Zealand!

    Did you know that we are coming to see you in Elkart in August?

    HOpe you have a great day.

    Aunty Lorraine

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