Bobcat! The real story.

Last week we were driving home and there was this Bobcat in our yard. Not the type you are thinking (I think), it was the machine Bobcat.

Some men were cutting down trees and the Bobcat was bringing the wood in for our fireplace– after Daddy cuts it up. Then as it was bringing the wood in to a pile in our yard, it got stuck. It rained all the week before, it dug up aaaaaalllll the grass, and then got stuck in the mud.

They had a big truck with a great big rope pull out the Bobcat.

This is the second year in a row that they got stuck! They had the big truck that pulled out the Bobcat last year. It was so heavy, it sunk into the mud.

Momma warned them, but they said “don’t worry, we have the Bobcat.”

Momma said to finish this “sometimes you just have to listen to Momma”.

One thought on “Bobcat! The real story.”

  1. Mark, I think I remember one very early morning your dad called me (about 5:00 am) before I left for work to tell me that I was a grandpa. You, your mom and dad were in Africa. The date was November 4. Happy Birthday to you. Hope you have a very good year coming up. Happy Birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Mark. Happy birthday to you……..

    Nana and Papa

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