With DaddyWheee! Look out! Uffff…..




Sleddingufff… Daddy made us a great sledding hill. He put a couple of boards on our porch stairs. Then he put some snow on the hill he made, and we could sled down! Ufff!Mark and Andrea

It was fun, fun, fun, fun!Audrey

When it was done we got to go sledding a couple of days.Daddy and Momma

We were trying to sled down the hill to the woods. We never made it, but we got close!

Our path

Here is a video of me sledding down the hill.
Sledding 5.1 MB avi (Right-click and select “Save Link As..” if will not play directly)

Sledding Small 755 kB wmv (much smaller version)

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  1. It is fun! It looks like we could still go sledding, but it might be a bit icier than before. Come over Grandma and Grandpa and try it!

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