Winning…and losing

Weighing in our carsI checked my car in on the day of the Cub Scout Pine Wood Derby Race. It weighed too much! So Daddy had to cut down the weight. He used a “whatever it is” (really called a Drummel) to cut it down. I am weighing my car in the picture.

Soon, it was my car’s turn to race. Three! Two! One! GO! It’s going down. Is it going to make it? I had one second and two thirds! I ended up in seventh place!

Last year, I was one of the worst racers. I redid the same design but made it a bit different and heavier and put “dry lube” in it. I polished the wheels, and took out the notches of the nails, polish polish polish. And “dggggggg” (it is the “what ever it is” taking out the notches).

2007 car with awardsAt the end of the race, I got an award that said Mark McGuire. Here’s the award, the speeding ticket (what my speed was), my registration, and my car. And last but not least, my ribbon! I played with my car and then went home.

Yesterday, I lost my tooth. It all happened with me biting, biting, biting and biting my tooth. Soon it came pretty loose. I went to show Daddy. And he pulled it straight out. Here’s my picture after Daddy pulled my tooth out and I washed the blood out. Disgusting!Lost my tooth!

I am going to prove that the tooth fairy is a fairy tale. “How are you going to do that Mark?”, Daddy asked me. The biggest way to prove it is the tooth taped to a piece of paper in Momma’s drawer. (Momma says the tooth fairy gives the first teeth back to their parents to remember the baby teeth) NOT!

And because I saw a stack of silver dollars and half dollars twice; once before I lost my first tooth. Then I saw the same stack, the same place but shorter by about three silver dollars and half dollars! So much for a secret!

Tooth fairy picture I do not think she looks like this. I do not think there is a real tooth fairy.

4 thoughts on “Winning…and losing”

  1. You did a great job with you car, Mark. I enjoyed watching you race it.

    As for the tooth fairy, I don’t know. I know one time Uncle Josh lost a tooth and he couldn’t find any money under his pillow. We looked and looked through the long carpet near his bed…and guess what?
    He found a quarter in the carpet. I guess the tooth fairy got scared or something and dropped it.

    I like your toothless picture. I love you.


  2. Good race Mark, and we had fun watching it with you. I don’t know about the tooth fairy, it always cost me money when I lost a tooth, maybe that is how she gets the money for give to the kids. Mama is right, parents, mainly mama’s like to remember baby’s first tooth, first hair cut, first birthday and all of that so she gets that stuff and puts it in a book so as she gets older she can look in it and sometime get a tear in her eye as she remembers the time when Mark or Andrea or Audrey or Adrain did this or that…..Then she’ll tell her grandchildren all about the time when…….Love ya Mark

  3. What! You don’t believe in the tooth fairy? Where do you think us dentists get teeth to make dentures? Usually the tooth fairy charges us a lot more than what he pays you for the tooth. That’s why it’s so expensive to get dentures! (So don’t loose your adult teeth!) And yes, the tooth fairy is a “he”. He actually like to be called “The Molarnator”, but “the tooth fairy” has stuck since he took over the job from his aging mother a few years back.

    As for the stack of dollars and half dollars, I have a stack of change as well, which I use to pay parking meters.

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