Which is Santa’s favorite Reindeer?

Prancer and all of us.My favorite is Prancer. We met her today at the Farmer’s Market. I liked her. I wished that I could have petted her more. It was fun! This is as big as she is going to get!

We are wearing our Santa’s hats because she might not like us because she is used to Santa and his elves. The hats make us look like elves Momma says. (But why was she not wearing one when we got a picture with her andVisiting Prancer Adrian?)

Adrian did not like her, so he isn’t in the picture.

They are taking care of Prancer a few days until Santa needs her. At least that is what Grandpa says!

4 thoughts on “Which is Santa’s favorite Reindeer?”

  1. Wow! What fun!..I like comet best because he cleans sinks when he’s not pulling the sleigh. 😀

  2. My favorite is Comet. When I was in 6th grade we learned the poem “Night before Christmas” for a play. I got to be Comet. The only thing we could think of me doing was acting dorky as I walked across the stage.

    I am not sure why I did not have a can of Comet Cleanser and a scrub brush or broom….

  3. Mark, I think I like Rudy best, because he is there when he is needed and makes sure everyone can see where they are going. They also have Dancer until Santa needs her. I had fun with you all today and enjoyed the snowball fight………

  4. I was just thinking cupid is another one of my favorites because of his bow and arrows……

    The Papa

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