Tomorrow is Voting Day in the United States!  It is important because it decides who will be the President of the United States (and other important jobs).

John McCain and Barack Obama are  both running for President.  I don’t know too much about them, but I do like the one better than the other.

If you do not vote, you are letting everyone else decide for you.  If you do not vote, NO complaining!

If I could vote, I would look for a good Christian who believes that Jesus died on the cross and rose again.   Someone who would ask God for help on decisions.  He or she needs to be honest.  Someone who has had experience in being a good leader.  I want him or her to be kind to his family.

I would not mind if a girl is elected if she’s the does the things above, but if she doesn’t that is different.

Momma and Daddy are going to vote and I am going to go with them.  If you go vote, please tell me!

If you don’t live in the United States –or can’t vote like Uncle John– could you please tell me what kind of Government is in your country?

You are allowed to vote if you are a US citizen and 18 years old or older.  You need to be registered.   I can vote in 8 years if it is on my birthday or after!

P.S. The 4th of November has been canceled according to my parents.  You are allowed to vote and then sleep.  It has been canceled this year because it’s my birthday and I am turning double digits.   AAAAAAAAH (says my mom!)  But for my birthday being cancelled I say Argh!  (That’s why I am being a pirate today!)

P.S.S.  If you see Auntie Shirley (at the bookstore at Concord Mall) or Auntie Lefkia (from Swaziland 🙂 ) tell them Happy Birthday.  Momma calls them my birthday twins!

8 thoughts on “Vote!”

  1. Mark, Nana and Papa are planning to go vote as soon as my Band practice is over (about 11:00). We both have our lists and are ready as we can be. Something you should know is that you vote for the person not the party they belong to, so when you start to vote pay attention to what they believe, how they’ve voted in the past on important items or what they believe about that item, like gambling, abortion, pornography and such things, then pray about it asking God to guide you…….by the way, I hope on this non-day you have a great and Happy, Happy Birthday……..

  2. I already voted too….had to wait 1 1/2 hours to do it too…now that is dedication don’t you think?

    I L-O-V-E Y-O-U!!!

    It’s hard to believe that you are double digets all ready! I was just remembering when we first met you. You were a little thing in Swaziland. Lots of people remember you.

    Love you lots and lots. xxxxxoooooo

  4. Mark,
    I voted this morning. I almost forgot. We were going to go early, but since I forgot, I decided to just stop by on my way to school and see how busy it was. I didn’t have to stand in line at all. I showed my ID, signed the paper, got my ballot, voted and stuck my paper in a machine that swallowed it and I was done! Very painless. Pray that the results are just as painless.

    Have fun voting with your parents.

  5. Hi Mark, happy birthday!

    I really enjoyed our walk this morning. Did you enjoy watching how to vote? The hard part is figuring out who the best person to vote for is before hand!

    I checked, you will not be able to vote for the 2016 Presidental election. Your birthday is two days after election day. Sorry, that would have been really fun to vote on your birthday!

  6. Dear Mark, Happy Birthday!

    I cannot vote anywhere. I live in a Kingdom. There is voting here in Swaziland. The Swazis can vote for someone who could vote on behalf of them.
    The King then chooses 40 people and the people can vote for the other 40 people.

    We just had our voting . We have a new Prime Minister. We are sorry because the previous one was a Christian.

    We are happy because the Minister of Education asked some Christians to make a radio programme about how to help abused children! The Christian organization will train the guidance councillors at the public schools!

    I cannot vote in my home country because I do not live there and Cape Town is far away. They do not have postal votes here.

    I still pray for the King and for the government often.

    Aunty Lorraine

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