The Apple Orchard

Yum! Apples! Pumpkins! A Corn Maze! Jokes!

On Sunday we went to the apple orchard. The apples we picked were Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Cortland and Macintosh. I do not know which apple I like the most. I tried them all!

We went out to where the apple trees were. They were tall. They were green and brown, and red and yellow. If the red or yellow apples were up too high, Uncle Sam would put one of us on his shoulders to get them. I did not get a turn though. But I had fun anyway.

We went through the corn maze. One of the jokes in the corn maze was:

What’s worse than finding a worm in an apple?

A half a worm in an apple!

Then Oma, Uncle Sam, Auntie Angelique, Adrian, Andrea, Audrey, Daddy, Mommy, and I went to pick pumpkins. Opa took a nap in the car. He was tired! We took the hay ride. Adrian dropped his apple that he was sucking on at the pumpkin patch.

I found a great big oval pumpkin with lots of warts. Audrey, don’t laugh, picked out an acorn squash. She thought it was a baby pumpkin. Oma’s was great big! Her’s was half green and half orange with a big stem and lots of warts.

Oma got us plastic containers that looked like apples. They had apple cider in them. I thought the apple cider was yummy! Audrey is teasing right now “It’s yucky”.

Maybe we can put pictures for you to see later.