Snow Cave

My caveToday we went outside in the snow.  I built a snow fort, more like a snow cave, with a little bit of help from the girls.  Adrian helped a little bit too. I made it because when we shovel out the driveway, we put the snow on the side by the Japanese Maple Tree.  Every year we use this snow as a sledding hill or a snow cave.  This year Andrea got the shovel out and started shoveling part of it out.  When I came out, she got tired of doing what she was doing, so I asked if she would pack it around.  Audrey came out and wanted to help.  We kept on trading jobs.  When the girls got tired of doing it, I kept working.

When I finished it, everybody tried it out.  I spent the most time in it.

Momma was not able to get the pictures with Adrian and Andrea in it though :(  Maybe later if it does not collapse.  Hopefully it does not collapse!


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