Momma FINALLY Let Me!

Before my haircutAfter my haircutI have been wanting a mohawk for a very long time.

Momma really doesn’t like mohawks.  I asked Daddy if I could and he said to ask Momma.  Momma wasn’t really paying attention when I asked her, and said “Sure, if Daddy says okay.”

Last time Momma let me cut my hair, I tried to cut a mohawk, but I got a thin little stripe down the middle.  Daddy cut my hair and made a mohawk! Then he added the green hair gel.

When Momma saw me, she started giggling and said “shave it off!”  Daddy had heard when I asked Momma permission and said “You said that he could”.  So, I have a Mohawk!

5 thoughts on “Momma FINALLY Let Me!”

  1. Hummm. Where are you sitting tomorrow at Church?

    I do like the green? Maybe, Hummm, I just don’t know.

    Because it is you, You make it look cute. Looks like you might have a long piece in front. Maybe the back too. Oh yes, I see a few more long strands….

  2. Hi Mark–
    I just have to say I like it!!!!!
    Although BLUE would have been a BETTER color!!

    You realize your Mom is going to be tougher to convince to let you do this kind of stuff?

    Uncle Joe

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