Merry Christmas round the world (plus) Answers

Gesëende Kersfees is Afrikaans.

Syanifisela Kisimusi Lomuhle is siSwati.

Feliz Navidad is Spanish.

Joyeux Noel is French.

What language is this Grandpa? Hyvaa joulua.

Here’s two for your Grandma and Grandma Bea; Wesolych Swiat Bozego Narodzenia or Boze Narodzenie.

Does anyone know how to say Merry Christmas in German? Is it English in Hawaii? How do you say Merry Christmas in Iraq (if they celebrate Christmas?)? Does anyone know how to say “Merry Christmas” in any other language?
Uncle John lives in Swaziland and goes to school at Moody (in Chicago), I think. When he gets out of school he wants to translate Bibles! What do you think of that! That will probably be a lot of HARD work, but it is worth it. He helped me with Gesëende Kersfees and Syanifisela Kisimusi Lomuhle.

We have lots of adopted Uncles and he is one of them. Yesterday we played “cowboy!” I put on a cowboy hat. I got my potato gun (it was a Christmas present). I got my horse (Uncle John) and then pointed to the way I wanted to go, and he pretended that he was a horse. Giddy up!

I had fun playing cowboy with him. Pop pop! (sometimes when I shot my potato gun, it went Pop!)

Sometimes we had a potato war against Uncle Phil or Uncle Josh. There were potato pieces all over the house (even upstairs, Momma!). One time I was walking upstairs with my potato gun and a potato, and then suddenly I heard a pop! I turned around so fast that my hat fell off! And then I put it back on and then Pop! A potato part hit Uncle Phil on the leg.

They dry up and become black when you pick them up. Sometimes they are gooey. Then I have to throw them away. Before picking them up is a lot of fun! If you turned it backwards, it would be worth picking them up. Yes, it is so much fun! “Stick ’em up!” Pop!

(I think it is so hot in the desert, that my gunpowder has been caught on fire and it is shooting off my bullets….)

This is a song that I like on the radio, we copied it off the internet and changed it a bit.

I sure do like those Christmas cookies,with sugar
Sure do like those Christmas cookies, Momma
Momma doesn’t get mad that they’re all gone
Before she gets the icing put on (we rarely put icing on)
Sure do like those Christmas cookies Momma!
Daddy says there’s a benefit to all of this
That you might have overlooked or missed
So now let me tell you the best part of it all for Daddy
Every time she sticks another batch in the oven
There’s 15 minutes for some kissin’and’a huggin’ Yuck! (or it’s spent chasing Adrian around or playing with us.)
That’s why we eat Christmas cookies all year long!

Enjoy your Christmas cookies!

Look out your window! Is that snow? It that rain? It’s “snraining” at our house! That’s one of my made up words!


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  1. Mark read those hard words on the top of the page for me, But I’ll tell you in the language I know, Merry CHRISTmas and Happy New Year to all……..

  2. Very good!

    Try “Frohe Weihnachten!” for German. How did I know? — see
    for many more languages

    John is actually attending New Tribes Bible Institute in Jackson, Michigan. He is thinking about going to Moody to study translation after he finishes at New Tribes or he might go on to the New Tribes Language Institute in Missouri.

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