Meeting Pooh Bear

PoohToday, we have a guest writer; Adrian!

We went to the play to watch Pooh.  It was Pooh Bear’s birthday! They threw candy for us (for our present).

I liked the first part when Pooh was needing to go to the top tree because he needed honey. Piglet was staying there till the bees came out, then she got Christopher Robin.

Pooh Bear was funny.  I liked him.

In the next one Little Kanga said she did not need to go home. Then she wanted her momma because she was sick because she ate a bunch of candy.

The next one, Pooh was funny. He was stuck because he ate too much honey and marmalade and it was his birthday and then Piglet got pie in the face!

Then the people in the play gave presents to people who helped them with the play. I am glad I went.  Thank you Oma and Opa!

There was not a Tigger there, but I was happy because I was Tigger!

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  1. I am glad you enjoyed it! I did too. I think Pooh did a great job. He sounded just like Pooh!

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