Maple Syrup Taste Test

syrupWe had two jars of Maple Syrup.  The store bought one is Vermont Maple Leaf Syrup, amber grade. The other is Indiana 100% pure McGuire Grade–maybe light Amber.  It is lighter in color than the Vermont syrup.

Momma put the two syrups in two cups.  We each got a spoonful of each.  We tasted them to see which one was runnier, lighter in color, and which one tasted better.

Everyone knew which one was the home made because it looked and ran different. The home made was runnier and lighter in color.  Daddy thought it was quite a bit runnier.

I think both of them tasted good.  We will boil ours down some more before canning it, but it is good as it is. Our next batch will be closer to the right thickness the first time hopefully.

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