Lake Ann- Fun

Can you find me? This is a picture from “Fight Night”

Last week I went to Lake Ann camp, I had fun.

Every year they have a basic plan that stays the same.  You know you will have fight night, paint ball, high adventure and the challenge course.  But you don’t know the activities or what you will do for the different courses.  I look forward to it every year. Depending on your team, and the activities, it can be difficult.  This year if we had tried the wall, we would not have been able to do it, but last year it was really easy. I think, if we had put our mind to it last year, we could have done anything.  This year, it seemed like one or two people messed it up by not listening.  I did not know how to encourage them differently.

Fight night was on Tuesday. We all went down to the ring with our teams and tried to win imaginative games. Another thing we did was yell ourselves hoarse. There are about twenty people per team, normally a boy cabin with their sister cabin. There were about eight teams.

For Fight Night we earned an insane number of points for completing the challenges and then even more for winning them. In one of the activities, a counselor had his face covered with shaving cream and we attempted to get fruit loops to stick on it. The last activity we were given three beach balls and needed to get them from point A to point B using only our heads while we were being hosed down. We got second place…. but only if it was backwards day.

One of my favorite activities was climbing the tower that was about 40 feet tall.  I climbed on the second hardest side and got up really quick. If you get to the top you get to sign your name and then rappel down. They said if you were timid, to walk down, or you could bounce down.  It was a lot of fun bouncing down the side! I wish I could have gone twice just to rappel down again.

I also really enjoyed paint ball. We tied for first place! Because we got first, we got our picture taken with a golden paint ball gun, but I don’t have that picture.  Afterwards everyone was showing off their bruises from the paint balls. Unfortunately since I got hit in the face mask, I did not get any bruises, but I did get a bad taste in mouth until I spit it out. Paint balls taste like cod liver oil 😉 I also had a white mask.

It was a good year, even with the problems.  My counselor, John John, was very good. He did a very good job trying to get us to pay attention. He offered to go on a 5K run with us one morning if we were up early.  He was also very good at soccaball and soccer.  I hope to see him again next year!

Thank you Lake Ann Camp for permission to use this picture on my blog!

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  1. You’re kneeling down (partially hidden) to the left of the person wearing a red/orange shirt?

  2. OK — I enlarged the picture — you are wearing a blue headband near the middle back with your left arm raised.

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