I Passed!

It was a hard test but I passed my Amateur Radio Technician test!

I also tried an Amateur Radio General test because it was free to try and I got 16 right without studying and I needed 26 correct to pass.  So now I am going to work on Morse Code and my General license.

Thanks for praying.

9 thoughts on “I Passed!”

  1. We are all pretty proud of you Mark, you really did a great job. Had us sweating for a little bit but you pulled it off. Thank you Lord or helping Mark pass this test.

    The Nana, Papa and Grandma Bea….

  2. Mark,

    I knew you could do it!! I knew how much you studied. Super job!!!

    I prayed that you would not be too nervous and would remember what you studied.


    I love you,

  3. Mark, I am so proud of you!

    You worked so hard studying, even when you got frustrated and tired of it. You really wanted to pass this test and you persevered at ideas that are difficult to understand. I am sure you understand this a lot better than I do!

    Handsome boy, I am glad that you decided to do something different. Dream BIG! God can use your dreams and you pursuing them in mighty ways.

    I love you!

  4. P.S. I forgot to tell you Mark, I have a higher class license than you do. I have Tech plus…I have the Morse code too!

    But, this is a secret….Don’t tell anyone…. I only passed the five words a minute accidentally. I took the test and did not understand as much as I hoped. I only answered the questions on the test with what I had and a lot of educated guessing.

    When my test was graded the guys grading it commented “I don’t know how she passed this test!”.

    I guess we may have to study the code together…maybe 8)

  5. praise the Lord! Another one who seems to like radio!

    God Created Radio waves.

    Good Job!

  6. Thomas, if you were writing SOS, your dashes accidentally ran together. If you weren’t writing that, I looked it up, that means STS!

    .. … -. – – …. .. … ..-. ..- -. ?

    (I don’t know what a “?” is in morse code!)

  7. Dear Mark, sorry that you didn’t get the hocky game tickets. But we did get your popcorn! We still have some that Your Grandma Mc Guire gave you. All the way from the USA! We are keeping it for when the guest from USA(Uncle John )and his grandparents and his Aunt from Cape Town and his siblings , Esther and Duane Come.
    Aunty Lorraine

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