Five Minutes of Fame

That is one big camera!

We will be on TV soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cindi Clawson (the weekend weather person) from WNDU, came over to interview us on how to make maple syrup. She had called the Parks department and two other people were unavailable. Miss Krista knew we made maple syrup and called us to see if we would do the interview. Daddy and Mommy said yes, we could!

The interview started with Mommy talking about why we make maple syrup. I talked about how we make syrup. Mrs Clawson put a lapel mike on me and asked me questions and I answered them.When we were done, she said I did a good job. I got to do the talking because I am the oldest of the kids and most of the syrup is our responsibility. The girls each got to do something in the video, Adrian was not interested! Daddy made pancakes for after and talked about how to finish it up.

The segment is not all us because Mrs Clawson had done a BIG sugar camp earlier.  When the segment is on I’ll tell you because Mrs. Clawson did not know. She commented to have someone tape the segment for us to keep.

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  1. Thank you for sharing that! Now you know how to talk on television too!

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