Colour Run

IMG_8983.CDWe went on the colour run. It is a 5K run where there are places that people spray coloured powder at you. We started near the back, and ended near the front. It was not a timed race, but we ran a comfortable speed.

I ran with Audrey because Momma wanted us to run together.  She knew Daddy would probably run slower with the stroller. When Audrey ran past some older teens one of them said “oh no! We better speed up, the little kids are passing us!”

IMG_9026.CDMegan “ran”with Daddy. We had fun. This is what Megan thinks.

I ran with Daddy. I went in my stroller. I talked to Daddy.  I told him “I love you”. They threw colour at me. I covered my face with glasses and a pink thing. I won because I was ahead of Daddy. I want to do it again another day.”