Camp Update

My campsiteMy tentI went to Webelos camp.  I got to do lots of fun things like archery, BB’s, swimming, knot tying, skits and lots more!  We even had a water balloon battle.  We had a lot of fun.

Getting ready to fightWe were one of the two teams that did not touch the flag Hit!(that meant that we did not really win).  The reason that we did not touch the flag was because we ran out of water balloons (“amo”).  We still had most of the kids left by the time we ran out of amo.  If I was still, I would have just gone for the flag, but I got hit (killed).

I learned how to tie a horse to a stake or a post.  I took fishing lessons.  The fish I caught “kicked” the hook on to Daddy’s finger ):  he he he.  It hurt Daddy but it was funny.  Performing our new songOne of the people at the fishing practice caught the same fish over and over and over.  I learned a few more songs to annoy my momma.  Want me to sing them to you?

Mess hallMy favorite thing was learning the songs and getting beads.  I earned them by going to activities and by being a waiter for lunch.

One of the songs we learned was “Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb, Mary had a little lamb with tators and some pie!”  (Sung to the tune of Mary had a little lamb).

Thank you for praying that there were not too many mosquito bites.  It only rained three times one day and they were short rain.  It was fun!

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