A not so dangerous….

We did experiments before and this one is not quite so dangerous (;  .  But it is a lot of fun!

Andrea and I went to Science Sleuths.  We had lots of fun!  We did lots of fun things. We were studying senses.  We used all of them.

One of them was that we had a juice taste test.  With nose plugged, I guessed grape, apple, blackberry and apple (they had two of the same ones).  With nose unplugged, I got grape, orange, blackberry and apple.  It should have went grape, orange, apple and apple!

Then we had a piece of paper that had a 1 inch by 1 inch square in the middle.  We looked through it Focused on something, like someone’s nose.  Looked through the hole and brought it closer to your eyes.  The one that peeks through it is your dominate eye.  The first time I did it I got left.  The second and third time I got right.  I’m thinking my dominate eye is my right eye.

We touched bobby pins to our cheeks, our forehead, our lips, the back of our neck one shoulder, one elbow the back of a hand, a palm a knee and a shin.  We counted how many tips we felt and it was a rating of one or two how sensitive our skin was in those places.

Testing AudreyWhen we got home we did this experiment.  We  put blue food coloring through a hole on a piece of paper.  Then we counted how many white dots were in the blue area.  If you counted them you could figure out which category you are.  The categories are non taster (15 spots or under), average Painting dotstaster (16 to 34 spots) and super-taster (35 spots or more.)

Counting dotsI am a non taster.  Everybody else were non-taster that we tried this experiment on.  We thought Audrey would be a super taster because she doesn’t like grapefruit and super-tasters are more sensitive to sour than average and non tasters.

Blue tongueIt probably means that Daddy is a non taster too, because everyone else in this house is.  We followed all the directions, unless I missed something.

A word of warning:  Do not paint on yourself except for your tongue–it disappears quickly there.  Do not paint on the bathroom sink or Momma’s washcloths, or the table, or your  clothes.  If you do, your in trouble!

2 thoughts on “A not so dangerous….”

  1. What good words of advice to everyone on what can or can’t be colored with food coloring. I’m so glad you enjoyed the experiments! I did, too!

  2. That sounds like fun. I’ll have to try that taster one. What do you think I might be? Maybe on Friday when everyone is here we can try more people! :-b

    I love you!

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