4-H Update

I earned a red ribbon for my candle. Meaning it did not do as well as a blue, but did good. The judge said to work on getting rid of air bubbles (there were some on the bottom of the candle) and to finish my seams better (there was a funny line around the top).  But everything else was “well done”.

The judge wrote “great color!” I used an old white candle that I added one brown crayon. I used Turkish Mocha to scent it.  Momma really likes it!

I earned an Honor Ribbon for this one.  Honor is better than a blue.  It means it is very very good. The only way you can get to very very very good (the “big” ribbons) is by getting to honor.

The judge said that I had a nice display. “She” did not like how I had the numbers ordered. She thought that picture 9 told a good story. Number 2 was an interesting arrangement (It took me a half hour to an hour trying to get that!) She liked the portraits 1 and 4 and thought picture 6 had nice framing.

I also earned an Honor ribbon for this poster.  The judge thought that the numbers should be “smaller–perhaps in lower right hand corner” of the pictures. She checked that I did everything excellently; imagination, composition, labeled neatly and that I had excellent contrast, exposure and lighting.  Momma said great! Black and Whites are hard to get “excellent”.

The bike picture was the only one that I was trying to get in black and white. I did not want that in color at all.

I feel good about this  year. I did it ALL by myself. Daddy and Momma helped me with the approving the final layout and cutting out the construstion paper, but I did everything else!

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