Oct 30 and 31- 40th anniversary!

Today was the 40th anniversary of TWR in Africa.
Yesterday we got ready for today. I also helped fix some feed lines.
This morning we started a fire for the braii (grill) then we cooked a lot of meat and some corn meal.

Yesterday someone found a snake in the building. It died soon after.



3 thoughts on “Oct 30 and 31- 40th anniversary!”

  1. Hey Marky!
    how are you doing? hope you are good,
    i am spending the night with Audrey, we just got back from trick or treating, i got a lot of candy! i was a cowgirl. is it warm where you are? it was snowing earlier this morning here. it seems weird that you aren’t here, i always find you downstairs with a book :p
    hope you are having fun! see you soon!
    Evie 🙂

  2. You just make us “home-sick” for Swaziland! Just when I have become so contented here!

    Auntie Lorraine

  3. What great pictures. You are making some wonderful memories.
    … That snake looks like it just finished eating something!

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