Jokes for today

Today I got my Boys Life magazine. Here are some of the jokes. I chose these because they are the silliest. Let me know what you guess and I will post the answers in a few days.

Joke number one:

What do you call a skeleton in the closet?

Joke number two:

Why did the beekeeper itch all over?

Joke number three:

What has given Mr Bubbles nightmares since elementry school?

Have fun guessing!

2 thoughts on “Jokes for today”

  1. I would guess the answer to joke number two would be because he has hives. The other two have me stumped! I guess you know that Boy’s Life has a web site? It has a joke for the day and it has some recipes. One I saw was to make a cake in an orange peel on a campfire!

    I like your jokes and I like your blog and I love you and your whole family.

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