Pi day

Today is the “Pie day of the century” because Pi is calculated at 3.1415926359.  Today for the only time in a LONG time, the date match up to it.  March (3) Date (14) Year (15) and Time (9:26).  You can even get the seconds (35) in there if you want!

Pie is a yummy pastry, not to be confused with Raspberry Pi (a computer).  Pi is a mathematical constant. Pi is a irrational number because you can not write it without rounding it to some degree.

You need mathematical constants because there are some things that do not change. Pi is the ratio of a circle’s diameter to it’s circumference.

You do not need yummy pastries but they make life more fun. We are planning to make some pie today. I want apple or pumpkin.

So make a yummy pie and enjoy Pi day!

Here is a video about Pi that I like.

Countdown to Thanksgiving–Megan’s Masterpiece

Today I am thankful for;

  • Pens.
  • Pencils.
  • Little sisters who are learning to color.


Megan drew this picture a few days ago. I think that it looks like a man with a BIG mustache and a cut on his chin who fell asleep in front of his campfire.

I really like Megan’s pictures when it is easy to imagine what it is.

What do you think she drew?