“Working Weekend”

“Working Weekend”Finished woodpileOn Friday we went to Skyview Ranch for a “work weekend”.  We had clean the archery range.  We put wood on a pile so someone could clean it up.  We also raked leaves and rocks and sticks in the adventure obstacle course.

The animals run (or walk) free (except for the pigs). Dudley, the burro (or donkey) likes to roam around the food place!  I learned how to ride him.

Learning to ride a horse

Daddy and I  rode a horse.  I was nervous at first but felt better later.


Learning to paddle a canoeI learned to canoe with Reece and Cardin and my new friends Micah and Joshua.  I also got “blobbed” by Daddy and Cardin and slid down the water slide.   Playing with Daddy

Going down water slide

I tried to get rid of my poison ivy (see this).

Reece and Cardin were in a “walking parade.”  We followed them to the cemetery and then they had a memorial service for the people who fought (and are fighting) in the military for Memorial Day.

Learning to ride DuncanMemorial Day “Walking Parade”Best of all I got to play with Reece and Cardin!!!!