Daddy’s backpackDaddy is going on Wilderness. He will be gone for a week.  He is going to backpack, walk and canoe!

Please pray that he has a safe trip and no one gets hurt.

I will miss him.

3 thoughts on “Wilderness”

  1. The guy with the backpack looks just like you!! It’s amazing! I thought you said it was your dad going on wilderness! LOL

    We’re praying for you and your family and your daddy.

    Love you

  2. I will miss Daddy too. I know that he is so excited about going. Daddy loves nature and seeing God’s creation. He also loves to be outside and being with other men.

    Please pray for his safety and that he gets a needed rest!

  3. Here is our wish list of what we want Daddy to see and get good pictures of.

    Mark wants a Loon or big Bull Moose. Audrey wants a turtle or a toad. Andrea wants Daddy to find some Monarchs (or are they migrating from there already?) Adrian wants Daddy to see a bird, a red hawk.

    Momma thought some Timber Tigers would be fun to see. Maybe a bear on shore while canoing.

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