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Amateur photographer gets photo of attempted murder!

DR  C.T Dummy was seriously injured when bungee jumping off Banister Cliff last night.

An amateur photographer who was coming to get photos of the bungee jump meet saw it happen. She says; “I was practicing to get some good shots of my favorite jumper, Jumping Jack Nimble, when I noticed the scissors! I yelled for Policeman Boy Blue and he sounded the horn from there.”

Boy Blue says ; “I was trying to get the cows out of the cornfield when I heard  the photographer yell.  I ran over and saw Mr C.T Dummy running away from the scene of the crime. I called  for backup but we could not find him.”

The suspect was last seen on Banister Cliff last night. He is just under 5″ tall, bald and has crash test symbols all over him. If you see him notify authorizes immediately.

DR C.T Dummy will be ok but will be hospitalized for days.

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