Thursday (10 July) evening at 7:00 I am going to have a test that I have been wanting to do for a LOOOOONNNNGGGG time.  This is my first test so I am very nervous.  Would you please pray for me not to be so nervous?  And that I have fun and that I pass it.  Please pray that if I don’t pass it, I remember that it is okay and there is another test soon I can take.

Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Test”

  1. HI Mark
    What kind of a test??
    Send me an email and tell me about it 🙂
    Uncle Joe

  2. Mark, you will do well. I do pray for you, that God will calm your nerves and allow you to really think as you take the test and that you will pass it and even if you don’t you’ll learn a good lesson about taking tests in the outside world. You make Nana and Papa proud and I know your folks are very proud that you’ve taken this project on and are seeing it to the end, giving your best. That is all you are required to do, do your best……..

  3. I hope you do well on your test. We’ll pray for you. From, Thomas

  4. Mark! Uncle Sam and I will pray that you do a great job, that you won’t be nervous, and that you remember it’s ok if you have to take the test again. We’re both very excited to hear how you do :o).

  5. Mark, Have just prayed for you that you will not be nervous about the test. Tests come in all sorts of ways and that you will do your best!
    Have a good day!

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