FriendsYesterday we came home from Skyview Ranch 🙁 We were there for the weekend!!!!!!! 🙂

We were visiting the Sellers and had llooottss of fun.

On lots of hay

The boys and I:

  • played the Wii
  • played army
  • went exploring
  • made some movies
  • built some Lego ships
  • played Star Wars
  • climbed on hay
  • and had loooootssssssss of funOne wet group!


  • bobbed for apples
  • and talked
  • ate good food
  • stayed up really late
I did it fast
I did it fast

The kids:

  • ate a donut on a string
  • played
  • went trick or treating
  • had lots of fun

The adults

  • cookedExploring
  • and talked and talked and talked

4 thoughts on “SVR”

  1. Hi! I liked playing with you. It was a lot of fun. I had a good time and it felt weird when you left. Come back SOOOON! Cardin

  2. It was so great and refreshing to spend time together:) I think the talking was my favorite part:D Love-Auntie Kristi

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