Snakes and 4th of July

My Rattle Snake HatAdrian’s Rattle Snake HatOn Friday we went to First Friday in Goshen.  This month they had face painting and balloons!  There were lots of old and new cars cruising!

Here’s a close up picture of my rattlesnake that Grandma will LOVE!


Playing with “snakes”On the fourth of July we went Oma’s.  We had a picnic.  We played outside.  We also did some fake snakes.  You lit a match under them and they caught on fire.  Instead of being pellets they turned into snakes.  Adrian called them scat.

Muzzle Loader RiflesOn Sunday, we went to watch fireworks at Black Squirrel Golf Course.  They had a Civil War encampment were we got to talk to some re-enactors.  They told me a lot.

The Civil War uniforms were H O T.  Hot!  They were made of wool.  The men always had to wear a vest or a jacket along with a shirt and pants.  Or they were considered naked.  They could not say body parts in “mixed company” so they made words for chicken like “white meat” instead of breast or “drumstick” instead of leg.

Most of the soldiers were around 18.

Civil War demonstrationOne half of the soldiers died because of dehydration and sickness.  When you were marching you would sweat about a quart a day.  They had water canteens that held a quart of water.  Sometimes they could only get yucky water to drink.

Momma thought it was interesting that more Union soldiers died after surgery then Southern soldiers.  The Union used silk stitches because they were supposed to be the best.  But the Southern doctors could not get silk so they used horse tail hair.  It was to coarse to stitch with until they boiled it.  That Trying on Civil War Uniformsterilized it and kept the wounds cleaner!

On their uniforms the stripes meant the rank. Three blue stripes with a triangle on the top was an artillery corporal. Three blue stripes with flags on top was a flag corporal. I don’t remember what the white and red stripes meant.

It was a fun weekend!