Silly Sister

My sister is very silly. The sister that I am talking about this time is Audrey. Audrey is three. Last Tuesday she filled some of her plastic bowls with Cheerios and here’s her story.


By Audrey, age 3

Audrey's favorite cerealI put the Cheerios in the bowl. Five bowls from downstairs. I come upstairs with the bowls. I put some Cheerios in there. A lot of Cheerios!

I ran away with them. I was going to MacDonalds. I ran away again. Then I ran away lots of times. I ran some more…Some Cheerios ran away too with me. I hold the Cheerios and ran away with them to MacDonalds.

Momma saw me. Momma take a picture. “Come over here! No, Don’t get no more Cheerios and run away with them. With lots and lots of Cheerios.” Momma put them in the box and put the Cheerios away.

I really a lot and a lot like lots of Cheerios.

I don’t have any more. I not do it anymore.

The end.

(I ran away again.)

I felt like she was running away 500 times when she was telling this story. She was running around the house.

She is silly.

She sticks out her tongue at me sometimes. Momma says “Smile” and she sticks out her tongue. On vacation, most of her pictures are of her sticking out her tongue.

She normally is the first person to wake up.

Audrey collects worms. They are in a bug catcher full of leaves, worms, and dirt! When she finds them, she runs to get her so called “worm catcher” and sometimes she picks them up. Usually Andrea picks them up. She always says “my worms have shoes on. One in the grass and one on himself”.

She is my silly sister. She makes me laugh a lot. “Ha ha ha ha ha!”

I love you Audrey!