My Weekend

Turning a basketLearning to promanadeSaturday we went dancing. It was Miss Krista’s birthday party.

We learned a few dances; the Virginia Reel and Square dancing and the Salty Dog Rag. The Virginia Reel is my favorite. We spun a lot and had lots of fun. The Salty Dog Rag is interesting. It is a little hard to learn, it looked fun! We learned a few more, but I don’t remember their names.

We liked dancing. I got to dance with Andrea 99% of the time.

We played outside on a ship. We ate Rhubarb pie. It was soupier than the kind Momma taught me to make.

Turning a basket

Turning basket inside out

Corner partners

When we went to church, they talked about “Dream Big”. It means to dream big for your family! You do that by trying to love your family LOTS! You have to love God first though.

We went to Oma’s house for Father’s Day. We got to watch a Lucy movie. I got to play with David!

Corn snake

CaracatureLast night, Sunday, we went to Bluegrass on the Lawn. Until it started thundering, then we went to Bluegrass Inside 😉 . We got our picture drawn by Mark Daniels (Miss Krista’s husband). It’s silly!

We got our face painted, we ate pOp pOp PoP pOp corn and had looooooooooooooooooooooooots of fun. I got to hold aFace Painting Corn Snake and two kinds of turtles.

Learning about pinwheelsI had lots of fun! I want to do it again. And again. And again. And again.


8) Quiz time! 🙂

B.)  Guess who

A.)  Guess whoCan you guess who these pictures are of? Mr. Mark did a great job, didn’t he?

D.)  Guess who

C.)  Guess who

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  1. Uncle Stephen askes “what is blue grass?” I told him that it is a kind of American Folk music. HOpe I am right?

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