Math of the Day

This is from my math book. I want to see who all can do it (Momma told me that I have two relatives who may not be able to do it) Giggle giggle giggle.

Some of them are real problems from my math book today. Some of them are from my brain.

1.) 3/2 x 15 =

2.) 1/3 x 15 =

3.) 12 x 1/2 =

4.) 7/5 x 15 =

5.) 100 x 2/100 =

6.) 5 x 1/2 =

7.) 99 x 1/3=

8.) 3 x 1/2=

Here are the parts of a fraction. Numerator(on top)/denominator (on bottom).

Here is an example. There are 8 people in a family. There is only one big cookie. Everybody wants it. What do you do? A) Bake a new batch B) Divide it equally into 8 parts. Each part will be 1/8 of the cookie. (and a lot less calories) 8)

If I was the person in charge of the family, I would chose A. Right now I would choose B because we don’t have the time! So it is much easier to slice, slice, slice!

I want you to comment and tell me the answers, what you think!

Thanks! Giggle, giggle giggle.

9 thoughts on “Math of the Day”

  1. 1. 45/2 or 22 and 1/2
    2. 15/3 or 5
    3. 6
    4. 21
    5. 2
    6. 2 1/2
    7. 33
    8. 1 1/2

    I would eat the cookie when no one was looking 🙂

  2. You are doing great to be doing fractions. Hope I get a good grade and then maybe I’ll get the cookie!

    Love you lots.

  3. The math problems, Oma gets and A, the cookie question has Uncle Sam being right except seeing there is only one cookie, it should go to the grandpa’s, easier to spit it in half then to try to divide it among all those Uncles………

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