It’s That Time Again!

We are starting to collect sap to start syruping again! It is getting pretty warm during the day and chilly at night. So we decided to start again.

Today we drilled the holes (about 2 inches deep), put the taps in and directed it to the buckets. We put tin foil over to keep the bugs out. We watched the sap drip out! Hooray! We checked it about 5:00 and have about a half cup already! I hope it starts going a lot faster.

Now Daddy is going to get longer tubing so we can put them both in one bucket. We need to find another tree to tap it and more buckets to save the sap in.

If you have clean milk containers or clean food grade buckets, please save them for us! I hope to get lots! I hope for enough to last all year and extra to try maple sugar and candy.

2 thoughts on “It’s That Time Again!”

  1. HI, It looks so pretty with the sun on the snow. Thank you for sharing. It is education for me. I do not live in such snow!

  2. Be sure to make me some syrup and whatever else you make!!

    That sounds like fun to do!!!

    uncle Joe

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