I earned my Bear Badge!

Special DeliveryOn Monday my Scout group got a special delivery. It was a toy dump truck that was remote controlled. The den leader’s “Famous” quote of the night; “are you going to dump it all over the floor?” It dumped a package with everything in it on the floor.

🙂 8) 😉 😮

Receiving Bear Badge awardThe dump truck brought some Weblos craftsmen pins and my Bear badge! I did different things to earn it. We went to the zoo in Chicago, baked pancakes, discussed “junk foods”, and baked cookies. We did a law enforcement achievement. I took fingerprints and other things. I had to do twelve achievements out of 24.



Now I am working on arrow points. They are electives. So far I have earned one gold; but I don’t have it yet. I am working on the silvers now.

I am trying to earn the Cub Scout World Conservation Award. I have been working on it a long time! I have to finish this school year or start all over again with harder stuff! It gets harder each year! I wish I had known about it when I was a Tiger.

I am also working on belt loops. They are extra electives. I already have map and compass (and I want the pin for map and compass). I am working on the Geology pin. Maryam is helping me with the Heritage one and Language and culture pins. Daddy is helping me on the computer one.

Bye Bye!

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