Guest Speaker, Adrian

Adrian has had  a loose tooth for a little while.  This morning when I got up he was very exited that his tooth had fallen out! Here is his story on what happed.

Today, my lost tooth came out while I was eating a donut (bagel). I was eating the bagel. I felt a wet tooth, it was my loose tooth. It came out! It didn’t hurt.  It bounced on to the table and then I picked it up. It was my tooth.

I went to the bathroom, opened the door a little bit where Daddy was shaving. I hold out my hand with my tooth on my hand showing Daddy. He was like, “what you doing with your hand out?” Then I showed Momma and then I showed Andrea and Audrey. I showed it to Megan but she did not understand what it was. So I showed her where my loose tooth was. She did not understand still. I showed my tooth first and Mark was wondering what it was. I showed him where my loose tooth was.

Then Momma took a picture of me holding my tooth and showing where my loose tooth was. I am going to put it under my pillow for the tooth fairy!

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