Glass frog: God’s creativity!

Underside of Glass frogLook what I taught Momma today! There is such a thing as a Glass Frog! They live in Costa Rica.

You can see some of their inner organs because the skin on their bellies are so thin and also because the skin on their bellies are colorless. Isn’t that cool?

Click on the picture to see a bigger picture of its underside. It’s so neat.


In school, I have learned that all animals are divided into groups. Frogs have backbones, so they are in the vertebrates family. They are also divided into a class. They are in the amphibian class.
It is easier to identify all the animals when they are in classes.

Glass Frog from Costa Rica

So the Centrolenidae Family would only have Glass Frogs in it.

Glass Frogs show God’s creativity!

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