Audrey hurts!…and Momma says, “hopefully the last ever!”….

Audrey broke her collar bone. I don’t know how she fell of the bed or what she was doing.

She cried! I felt the ground vibrating when she cried. She was crying so loud! Momma says it sounded like her extremely tired cry! I wondered what she did.

We were not sure if it would feel better the next day or not. We waited.Where she hurt herself

The doctor said she broke her collar bone. He said to do nothing, give her Advil, and not to use her arm much.    That’s all the details that I can think of.

She is feeling a bit better.

Pray that she feels better quickly!

7 thoughts on “First…”

  1. we are praying for you audrey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Feel better soon sweetie!
    auntie candy

  2. Audrey! Looks like you can put in another page to “10 little monkeys jumping on the bed”. Now it’s “11 little monkeys jumping on the bed”! Get better quickly for Uncle Sam!
    Love you all!

  3. Poor Audrey, Uncle Sam told me what happened yesterday. Make sure she gets lots of yummy olives, hugs, and kisses. :o)

  4. I want to know how such a little girl made the ground vibrate when she was crying? Mark, can you answer that question? Hope she is feeling better and her arm isn’t hurting now…….

  5. Hi Mark

    I love reading your blog. You do a good job of writing.

    Sorry to hear about Audrey. I’ll be praying that she gets better soon.

    Bye for now

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