Exciting School Day

Today we saw a calf being born!!!!!!!!!

We went to the fair to see if we could fix Daddy’s hat. Audrey wanted to see the calving center.  So we went. One of the cows was having contractions when we got there. We stayed for a little bit and Daddy went to get some food while we were watching.

Waiting….The calf stuck its hooves out a couple of times. Then two of its hooves came out, then its tongue came out, then its head came out. Then it came out the rest of the way a lot quicker! They had to put a chain on it to help pull it out because it was BIG!

PullingWhen it was born the vet that was there, did a quick check up, gave the mom a shot and checked to see if there was a twin 😕 Then they told us that the calf was a she. Momma cow started licking and licking. We were told it helped with her milk and it removed any trace or smell of a baby being born in the area. Before cows were domesticated, wolves and other meat eaters would smell the baby and come looking for some food.

The new baby and MommaWe saw the baby try to stand a few times. But we had to leave.

We also got to milk a cow, except for Adrian who touched the cow.

We had a really fun day!

4 thoughts on “Exciting School Day”

  1. Eww when the baby calf came out. I liked watching the baby be born. It looks yucky when they look to see if there’s a twin baby calf and when his arm came out.

    I milked the cow! I liked petting the baby calf. I liked petting the ponies and the horses.

    I liked looking at the baby horses! I liked seeing the baby pigs. The baby pigs were teeny tiny. My favorite baby animal was between the baby cow, the baby pig and the baby horse and the baby chicks.

    My favorite fair food was the ducky elephant ear (it looked like a duck) and cotton candy! I liked the ice cream.

    I had fun at the fair! I had lots and lots of fun at the fair.

  2. You had a great day! I sure liked hearing about your time at the fair.

    Hugs and Kisses.

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