Done for this year

Letting them goLetting one go on the Thistle bush

Castor and PolexWe let eight butterflies go yesterday.

Before we let them go, Adrian wanted to hold a butterfly!

Most of them did not want to go.  Two flittered off immediately.  The others we waited awhile and put them on the Thistle in our front yard.  When they flew away we yelled “Bye butterflies!”

One of their proboscises unwound, it was eating nectar!  This one came back

Here are some pictures, that Momma took.

I didn’t want to let them go,  but Momma made me.  We let them go so they could fly to Mexico or someplace in California.

The butterflies thought, “what are they doing?  Hooray!  I’m hungry.  Feed me!”  or “Goodbye!”  Flitter flitter.

After we let them go,  they came back sometimes and we were all very happy.

Adrian held another butterfly!

2 thoughts on “Done for this year”

  1. Mark, you have had a great time with those butterflies. Also great pictures.

    Maybe they will come back to the place they hatched next year. Do they do that? Will it be their children who come back or grandchildren?

    Love you and thanks for such an interesting science blog.


  2. That was a great show that the butterflies put on for us. We never would have seen it , had it not been for your Thank you.
    Aunty Lorraine

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