Dentist and Glasses…Oh my!

 Today I went  to the Dentist and …glasses.JPG…got Glasses

he he he

I have to go back tomorrow.  You will never guess how many cavities I have.   Uncle Sam can not guess!  Because he knows . 🙂

4 thoughts on “Dentist and Glasses…Oh my!”

  1. I hope none, but if you have to go back, I might guess 2.

    At first, I didn’t know who was in that picture, but now I recognize it! It’s one of Santa’s elves!!! Hurray! That must mean Christmas is coming and if Christmas is coming that means… NO SCHOOL!!!! YES!

  2. I have zero. Daddy got them all! I went back so I could get a coating to help to keep my teeth clean. Oma ????????????????????

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