Bible Cover

Bible CoverFor Christmas Momma and Daddy got me a Bible. I did not have a cover that fit it. So I asked Momma if she could help me make a Bible cover using one of Great Grandma’s shirts. Momma had saved some shirts because she thought she could use it on a quilt she has been wanting to make.  I remember a red shirt more, but it did not look right for the Bible cover.  The inside is lined with more of the green.

I wanted to use the shirt because Great Grandma was my first best friend.  I miss sitting on her lap and reading with her. (Though Momma said I would not fit anymore 🙂 ) Grandma liked to sit and read with us. We would watch the birds together while she told me stories.

Momma found these fun pictures of me with Grandma!grandma


Mark with Grandma Christmas

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