Silly Quizzers

Silly Quizzing TeamThis is me and my quizzing team. We are being silly in this picture, but this is my quizzing team non-the-less. The tallest one in the back is Cardin. The other one in the back is Lucas. I’m the one in front of Lucas. And Cody is the one in front of Cardin. In the middle, is my dad. He is the coach. He’s a realllllyyy gooooodddd coach.

This is how we sat on our last quiz meet. We got first place. We did really good. We sat on the quizzing benches. When we jump, it goes “beep”. The quiz master calls on the first person to jump. If it is a verse he or she has to finish the verse. If the quiz master has not finished the question, he or she has to finish the rest and then give the answer. If the quiz master has finished, the person who jumps has to answer the question. Boys on benches

It’s fun, but my team is getting really good. It is hard for me to get medals for “quizzing out”. That means that I answer five perfect (perfect quiz out) or I answered two wrong and five right (imperfect quiz out). Three wrong is a backward quiz out and no medal.

Next year I want to do the book of Mark. But they will probably be a bit tougher than this year.

Answers to Jokes

Here are the answers to the questions from the other day.
Joke number one:

What do you call a skeleton in the closet?

Last years hide and seek winner.

Joke number two:

Why did the beekeeper itch all over?

Because he had hives!

Joke number three

What has given Mr Bubbles nightmares since elementary school?

Pop Quizzes!

Hope that you had fun guessing!