While we were in Colorado last year, we went to Uncle Bill’s house. He had parked his car by the windmill and with the mountain in the background, I thought it looked neat.  I asked Momma for her camera and got a picture of it.

The original wasn’t very good.It was a little too dark for the camera so the picture was gritty and a little blurry. If I had a tripod, it would have been better. This week Mommy has been practicing her “computer magic” and fixed the picture to look like this.



It snowed yesterday!!!! We like snow LOTS!

When Andrea and I went to work we brought the camera and got some pictures of snowy Alpacas. The brown Alpacas were the ones who we got the best pictures of, this is one of my favorite pictures with Wicket.

Mark with Wicket

More Experimenting with Oil Pastels

“Nutcracker Under Tree” By Mark McGuire
Done with Oil Pastels
19 December 2012

This summer when  Momma took us to Hobby lobby we found some very inexpensive oil pastels. I asked her if we could get some because I had been wanting some nice paints. She said yes we could get them.

Today we were painting and I decided to bring them up to try them out. They felt like crayons, only less waxy.  They smelled like paint. I prefer them over watercolor or crayons. I like how you don’t have to wait for them to dry like other paints. Not  having to clean up a brush is nice too!

I am glad that I got to try them, I really like what I can do with them.