When Great Grandma was younger

I love Great Grandma Reble. I want to see if I can come up with more stories about her when she was younger.

Here is what Momma helped me find about when she was younger. Great Grandma was born on Tuesday, 22 October 1912

  • 6 January, 1912: New Mexico became the 47th state.
  • 14 February 1912: Arizona became part of the United States. It’s the 48th state and the last in the Contenential States.
  • 14 April 1912: Titanic sank on her way to New York. Lots of people died because there weren’t enough life rafts.
  • 16 April 1912: Harriet Quimby, “American’s First Lady of the Air”, was the first woman to fly across the English Channel. She died while flying in a plane soon after. I think her career only lasted ten months.
  • She lived during World War II and the Depression.
  • The President was William Howard Taft, right after Theodore Roosevelt. He was the 27th president. Woodrow Wilson was the 28th president.

Thank you for reading my blog. I’ll put more things in, maybe everyday, as I learn them.

Newest Book Reading

At lunchtime, Momma reads books to us.

Today she started reading a book called The Light Princess. The author is George MacDonald. It is a good book.

The princess has a problem. Whenever the king, the queen, or the nurse trot her, she floats up!

Her aunt is a witch and made a problem at the christening. (The king had forgotten to write her to invite her to the christening, and he forgot that he forgot that.) The aunt went to the christening anyway and put a spell on the princess. She floats when let go.

I like the book so far. I’ll update this more later!

Enjoy reading!

A very special day, 9 September 2001

Andrea and her cake

Andrea and her brownie cake
Why is it a special day? It is Andrea’s birthday. Andrea is my sister. As the title says, her birthday is the 9th of September. She was born in 2001.

I think that Momma told Daddy to hide Andrea behind the door when she was born when I came to come to see her for the very first time. Momma thought that I would say “hi” to her before I wanted to see Andrea. But, I tricked her. I came in, looked around the room, and said “where is my baby sister?. So Daddy got her out from behind the door. I said “hi” to her and and then went to say “hi” to Momma.

I wrote a story about Andrea when she was four months old. I was four.


15 January, 2002

Andrea got shots. She got band-aids. She cried. We goed home.

Andrea Renee McGuire is my baby. She is four months old. When she was in Mommy’s tummy she came out. She was in a bubble.

Sleeping with her daddy. Andrea and her daddy are sleeping on the couch. Because they needed a rest.

I love my baby.

The end.

Andrea is special because I like to watch her dance. She makes up pretty dances. They are some of my favorite dances to watch. She likes playing Mommy and Daddy with me. I like how she talks to her babys; like Momma. She says special things to them, like “I love you” and she sings “Jesus loves me” and other songs. Even if she wasn’t my sister, I would still love her because she is beautiful. She is so sweet and nice.

I love you, Andrea. Happy 5th Birthday!




Hello. My imagination is pretty neat. It just adds a lot of fun into the family’s life. Today I’ve been pretending I’m a person who is breaking codes and making codes.

My sisters pretend to be dancers. I sometimes pretend with them, but usually just watch them.

We have been reading Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (by Ian Fleming) . He sure used his imagination! He made a car that was magical. It could fly! It could turn into a motorboat. It could track down other cars.

Like when Jeremy and Jemima where kidnapped by Joe the Monster and his gang. They had to go and buy some candy from Monsieur Bon-Bon. And when he turned around to put the money in the cupboard and give them their change, it was the gangsters’ plan to attack him.

Everything turned out all right. Read the book yourself to learn what happened.

Bye Bye!