Alpaca Show

On the Saturday before Palm Sunday there was an Alpaca show that the neighbors decided to take two of the alpacas to.  They asked if we could show Chewbacca and Wicket!

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They did well. Both were in the “Mature” section and got second place in the ring.

After our first round, we had to go in for the championship round. If the Alpaca that beat us got champion, there we would have a chance to get reserve champion. Unfortunately we did not get that chance.

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There were lots of animals there. We were told it was the biggest show in the US.

We all enjoyed it.

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Answer to Quick Quiz

What is this?

IMG_5872Denimtooth IMG_5862alpacatoothhand

The answer is an alpaca’s baby tooth!

The neighbors took the alpacas that are going to their first show this weekend to the vet to make sure they are OK. One of them had not lost one of his baby teeth, so the vet pulled it.


This week we have been helping take pictures of the alpacas. Yesterday we took some of their fiber, in other words I grabbed the animal and held it still while Andrea spread the fiber so we could get a picture of it. Then Audrey snapped a picture while we attempted to hold still.

Felt yesterday.7March2016

Today we took pictures of the whole animal. It was easier. I just carried hay out and they turned it into a parade.

Felt today.7March2016


Mom and I have been wanting to take some pictures of me in the fog. It was foggy enough out this morning! I put on my cowboy outfit and we went to get some pictures with the alpacas. Aurora Sing –the alpaca I am holding–likes to give kisses when I kneel down and sit still.

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