Nov 1- Hlane park

We went to Hlane National park today!

We saw a lot of animals.


Red Tailed Hawk

Hawk flyingThe other day while doing school work, I noticed a hawk sitting in a tree. I thought that it would be neat to get a picture of it. As I was coming around the house with the camera so I would not scare it, I saw the hawk flying up with a squirrel in its claws. I followed it down the road for a little bit and got some pictures of it.

Flying hawkWhile I was watching, another hawk flew down and they started fighting over the squirrel. They flew into the woods and I couldn’t see   them fight much. They would occasionally scream though. Then I saw the loser fly away before I went back to school.



Parks photo contest

I am doing the park photo contest again this year. Here are the pictures I am putting in.

This is what I am putting in for “Activities In The Park” category.

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These are my “Flora And Fauna” category pictures.

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And this is going into the “Humorous” category.  I sure hope they read the read the title, otherwise it is not humorous, though it is neat!

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Which picture is your favorite?


Bee flyingWe went to Bonneville Mill the other day.  Mommy told me to get some good pictures for our photography class. I wanted to take some excellent pictures of a bee flying off of a flower. This is my best one.

I also took this picture on our walk. lOOKING



When we were in Colorado for vacation, Mommy and I were walking around a barn to get some pictures of me. I liked the old stuff on the barn and Momma wanted a “cowboy” picture of me to compare how much I had changed in two years.

As we walked on the path, we heard a loud rain stick sound! It surprised us! We saw the snake –I don’t know how big it really was, but it looked huge to us–and Momma yelled to Andrea to get Daddy.  I ran to tell Daddy and Opa that we had seen one, but when they got there, the snake had disappeared under the old bunkhouse. We heard it rattle when we whacked the side of the building with a stick. We needed to know where it was and we hoped to find it to make it “extinct”.

By the time we borrowed a spade from Uncle Bill, it had disappeared. We never did find it.

Pole Barn

The next night, we went to Aunt Francis’s for dinner. Uncle Phil and Aunt Michelle saw a rattlesnake. That one did not escape and Uncle Lawrence pulled off the rattles to give to me.I think it was Uncle Bill who said that we saw two unique rattlesnakes. He said “most rattlesnakes only see one person in their whole life.” Momma thought, “cool, there are not many rattle snakes around”, then she realized what he meant 🙂

Rattle Snake

I had never seen a wild rattlesnake before and this time we saw two!

P.S.  Even though Momma had the camera, she never took a picture of our snake. I really don’t know why. She also did not take the cowboy pictures of me. She refused to walk around the bunk house even in her cowboy boots.  Daddy took the pictures for me later that day.  We think the rattlesnake moved to a new home, we never did hear it rattle again.