Easter Surprise! (Plus One)

Alaska had her baby on Easter. It is a girl and we are planning on naming her Rey. She is only ten pounds!

Alaska’s daughter, Princess Leah had her baby yesterday, Audrey found that one. We think it is a girl. We know it does not have a name yet. She is just under 11 pounds.


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We sheared alpacas the other day! It was the fastest year we have had yet, we got done an hour sooner than last year.
Not only did we shear alpacas, some people brought over their angora goats. Goats are less of a group effort, so we got to watch and learn. Sheep and goats can be sheared the same way, but goats are more trouble so it is recommended to have some other equipment. It is not so much a big deal when you are only doing two. I still prefer alpacas.

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Megan also got to help, she is getting big enough to do more each year.

I take alpacas in and out. I had fun helping sweep and tie the bags. I kissed the baby alpacas on their nose and hugged them. I helped tie Finn up. I got to play with the neighbor’s granddaughter. It was loud and fun, but it got a little bit boring sometimes.

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Self portrait, colored pencil and pen. March 2017

I had fun with a self portrait the other day. Not sure why I’m playing chess, but I like the suit.

Cupid’s replacement

Cupid decided to go on vacation over Valentine’s day this year. (He is a few hundred years old, so I guess we can let him get away with things like that.) Of course he needed to find a replacement. Remember George? Cupid is teaching George to shoot. the method they are trying now is “Aim at everything you don’t want to hit”.

George thinks Sam should have been picked.

Sam and George

Meet Sam and George, Sam likes to plot the destruction of forts, while George likes eating flowers.

This is a nice example of mutualism. Sam has a hard time terrifying the inhabitants of his targets, so he has a dragon along with him (This strategy works about one percent of the time right now, because George is too adorable to be scary). George just gets to graze on the tulips they pass by.