Answer to trivia question

Yesterday I asked what unit of measurement dissolves when you put salt on it and is used to kill deer?

The answer is a slug!

A slug is 14.59 kg and is a measurement of mass.

A slug is a type of bullet used for hunting deer.

A slug is a gastropod that dissolves on contact with salt.

I am taking chemistry this year and I am learning a lot already. Right now I am doing systems of measurement.

12 Nov-Home

MapAfter leaving Jo’burg at 11:55 Tuesday evening, we got home tonight at 6:30 p.m.  It was a good trip but I am tired!  Thank you for praying!


elephantI did not crop this picture!  We did not see him until we were almost past him.  He was right next to the road.  This elephant did not need to paint his toenails red to hide in a strawberry patch!